NB    I am not authorised to give financial advice and none is included in the pack.

        The pack is for guidance only and is not advice.  I accept no responsibility for anything that anything anyone does or does not do as a result of reading or using the pack, unless I have accepted instructions to advise.

A version of this pack and more AE and employment related  pension documents with explanatory footnotes (not included in the above) are available in Kelly’s Legal Precedents 21st edition with the 2015 supplement: see the link below.



00    introduction and document list


A great deal of guidance including specimen documents is available elsewhere, particularly on the Pensions Regulator’s website at the following link.
http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/automatic-enrolment.aspx.  This website has been designed for every size of employer and to cover every eventuality, resulting in an overwhelming amount of information from which it is not always easy to extract what a particular employer needs.  Insurance companies and other providers of automatic enrolment (AE) schemes also provide information and documents required for AE, but not necessarily in a form that enables the user to see all the necessary documents and access or work on them in the order and way which best suits her or him.

The documents in this AE pack are intended to enable small and micro-employers, many with only one employee to deal with the requirement to enrol employees into an employment scheme with a minimum of professional help and to identify the “grey areas” in which advice might be needed.  It consists of the following:

1      briefing notes of which the main part consist of questions to bring out the necessary information and guidance and answers;

2      a short explanation of AE for employers and their workers;

3      letter from employer to workers not liable to be enrolled automatically;

4      letter from employer to workers liable to be enrolled automatically;

5      non-statutory notice from employer to workers in a qualifying scheme;

6      statutory notice from employer to workers who will be or has been enrolled automatically;

7      statutory notice from employer to workers with right to opt in;

8      statutory notice from employer to workers who does not have qualifying earnings;

9      statutory notice if enrolment date is deferred;

10    pension clauses for inclusion in terms of employment; and

11    agreement to alter terms of employment for salary sacrifice.