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A version of this pack and more AE and employment related  pension documents with explanatory footnotes (not included in the above) are available in Kelly’s Legal Precedents 21st edition with the 2015 supplement: see the link below.



6       notice from employer to worker who will be or has been enrolled automatically




automatic enrolment into a pension scheme

We refer to our letter about the automatic enrolment into a pension scheme, in which we wrote that information, as required by the law would be given to you.  This notice contains that information.  The law is mostly in the Pensions Act 2008 and Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Automatic Enrolment) Regulations 2010.

1          You [will be (or) have been] enrolled automatically into the pension scheme named in paragraph 3 to help you to save for your retirement.

2          Your automatic enrolment date is (date).

3          The name, address, telephone number and electronic contact details of the scheme in respect of which you will be an active member are as follows.

name of scheme:




(The above paragraph not now compulsory but it is useful to retain it.)

4          The contributions payable in each month are the following percentages of the your taxable pay in the band from the monthly equivalents of £5,824 pa and  £42,385 pa.


before October 2017

from October 2017

from October 2018

by us




by you (before tax relief)








The upper and lower amounts of the income band shown above are those for 2015/16.  They are the same as the lower and upper earnings limits for National Insurance contributes and are expected to increase every year.

(Alter the above table if one of the alternatives basis for calculating contributions is to be used: see the guide paragraph D12 (document 01) and short explanation of AE  paragraph 4 (document 2)).

5          Tax relief on your contributions will be by the relief at source method.  While the basic rate of tax remains 20%, we will deduct 80% of your contribution from your pay through PAYE and pay it and our contribution to our AE provider.  Our AE provider will then claim the 20% tax relief on your contribution from the government.

6          You have a right to opt out of the scheme during the opt out period.

7          The start and end date of your opt out period are (date) and (date).

8          You may opt out by one of the methods in our AE provider’s information to be supplied to you.  If you do not wish to use the website or telephone methods. Our AE provider will provide an opt out form to you.

9          Opting out means that you will be treated for all purposes as not having become an active member of the scheme on that occasion.

10        After a valid opt out notice is given to us in accordance with the regulations any contributions paid by you will be refunded to you by us.

11        Where you opt out, you may opt in, in which case we shall be required to arrange for you to become an active member of an automatic enrolment scheme once in any 12 month period.

12        After the opt out period, you may cease to make contributions in accordance with scheme rules.

13        If you opt out or cease to be in active membership of our AE scheme you will normally be automatically re-enrolled into an automatic enrolment scheme by us at our next automatic reenrolment date, which is on an approximately three yearly cycle.

14        A written notice from you must be signed by you or, if it is given by means of an electronic communication, must include a statement that you personally submitted the notice.


Enquires about this notice should be sent to us at the above address.